Our mission and principles

Our mission

We are an operator of medical facilities. We take care of the health of our clients, we treat. With our many years of experience in the public health sector, we are able to provide the highest level of expertise in our industry.

We work with the most precious thing people have – their health. This is the main purpose of all our activities. Our mission, values and principles are key factors that help us achieve our ambitious goals and ensure the uniqueness of our group.

We understand health as a complex issue, which is why we provide comprehensive health services, including preventive, acute and follow-up treatment, rehabilitation and home care.

Using our lifecycle models, we define standards for the design, construction and efficient operation of healthcare facilities.

We combine expert consultancy, project management, financial management, and managerial expertise, enabling us to achieve sustained success in our projects to help our healthcare partners. All of this is supported by an emphasis on quality, efficiency and reliability.

We take responsibility for your health and well-being

Our activities in the operation of healthcare facilities serve to maintain and restore the health of the population.

Strengthening our partners

The success of our business partners is our success. That’s why we offer our expertise and experience so that our partners can quickly achieve their goals in full.

Increasing the value of our company

We strive to increase the value of our company and its sustainable growth. Our development is ensured by effective management systems and the consistent implementation of synergies.

We build on our employees

The cornerstones of our success are our employees and their collaboration across professions. We gain knowledge and learn from each other thanks to our international cooperation. Our company culture is characterized by the diversity of unique people and cultures, open dialogue, mutual appreciation, respect, concern for others, clear goals and decisive leadership.

We act and communicate with honesty, respect and integrity

Our values, strategies, objectives and risks should be reflected in open, intensive and direct communication. What we do and how we do it must be interesting, authentic and unmistakable for our employees and partners. Appreciative, respectful and open communication, both internally and externally, is key to recognizing the importance of our employees achievements.

Our policy

Solutions oriented

Our strengths lie in implementing projects and turning ideas into reality. We always try and find solutions and see opportunities even in difficult situations. We see the ever-changing external factors that drive the need to continuously improve the efficiency of our work as an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and innovative strengths. Together with our partners we look for ways to develop and implement specific solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


Our expertise enables us to forge valuable partnerships and make significant contributions to work at many levels in the public and private sectors.

Solutions oriented

Our primary goal is to build on our economic foundations while continuing to expand and strengthen our human, technical and creative resources.


Our patients and partners benefit from the assurances we provide through our expertise and efficient management.

Our risk strategy

The group’s risk strategy determines how we deal with risks in all companies within the group and sets out the highest risks we are willing to take in our business.

We take only well controlled and acceptable risks. At all times we strive to minimize and avoid all risks related to the health and safety or our patients, employees and business partners.

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