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international patients

Either you are living in the Czech republic and looking for first rate care or you are planning to undergo for instance a specialized surgery, rehabilitation stay or preventive check-up, in our facilities, you are in the right place.

We keep and provide:

  • first class care in a wide range of modern medicine and prevention
  • medical concierge service - get a comfortable access to care and complete support
  • add-on services connected to your stay and treatment
  • knowledge and experience in the field of international patient management

In any case, feel free to contact our MEDICAL CONCIERGE and we will surely find the best fitting option.


OrthopaedicsJoint pains and limited mobility influence every single aspect of your life. A team of renowned specialists, high-end technologies, an anaesthetics and resuscitation ward as well as an intensive care unit enable us to carry out a wide scale of orthopaedic treatments thanks to which you will be able to fully enjoy your life again.

Let us take care of your health and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of Prague ́s historical centre or the picturesque Vysočina region. Orthopaedics services are offered by two of our healthcare facilities – the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic and the St. Zdislava Hospital.

Total hip-joint replacement, complete knee-joint replacement

If you are considering a joint replacement, then you surely know that such an operation is not out of the ordinary. The number of people who undergo this operation all over the world is growing every year. Our specialists are looking forward to giving you advice which method is the most favourable for you. In case of a total hip-joint replacement (which is also known under the name of total hip-joint arthroplasty) the joint is replaced by implants. The surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and bone-ends, whereafter he inserts new metallic, plastic or ceramic parts which in turn reshape and make the hip-joint work again.

Total knee-joint replacement

Do you feel strong pain in your knee-joint, do you often suffer oedema or a stiff joint and do such situations limit your mobility? Our task is to help you as far as possible. Our specialists are willing to advise you which method suits you best.

Our task is to help you as fast as possible

OrthopaedicsIt would be more precise to call the total hip-joint replacement (also known under the name of arthroplasty) a surface replacement, since during this operation, only the bone ́s surface is replaced. The new knee joint consists of a metallic part connected to the hip-bone, a metallic or plastic part in the upper part of the leg bone and, in case of need, also of a plastic part on the knee cap. The surgery time is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. In order to provide for you feeling as good as possible, the surgeon and the nurse will administer you medicine because the relief from pain presents a very important part of the recovery process.

Walking and non-exhaustive physical activity are important for your recovery as well and this process starts already on the day when you undergo the treatment. Thanks to our premium rehabilitation care, you will recover quickly after the surgery and you will be again able to lead an active life.

Arthroscopic treatments and curing of sport injuries:

  • Knee ostheotomy repair
  • Complex foot treatments
  • Plastic surgeries treatments

Why entrust us with solving your problems?

  • First-class care and personalised treatment
  • Professional team of renowned specialists
  • Helpful and cooperative personnel that creates a friendly atmosphere
  • Modern technology in a new and comfortable environment
  • Shorter waiting times
  • High-quality subsequent rehabilitation
  • Broad experience with clients both from the Czech Republic and abroad

Gynaecology and maternity ward

Our two hospitals which include the newly renovated gynaecology and maternity ward are situated just a few kilometres outside of Prague. Our hospitals became a symbol for absolute privacy not only thanks to their ideal location, but also due to the personnel s absolute loyalty.

Woman First

Gynaecology and maternity ward

Right from the first day of their service until now, the gynaecology and maternity wards have been following the Woman First maxim.

We always guarantee a customer-first approach. Thanks to our premium services and personalised approach, the fact that our hospitals are easy to reach, and to the wide spectrum of services we offer as well as due to our great specialists, these facilities started to be preferred and frequently used.


The Premium Gynaecology emergency service

Lately, we also started offering premium VIP gynaecology emergency services. These are operated via the gynaecology and maternity ward. The gynaecology emergency service facility works with high-end equipment, including a 4D ultrasound machine.


Gynaecology and maternity ward

Within the remit of the gynaecology and maternity ward, we offer a comprehensive gynaecology care – i.e. both ambulatory as well as bed care services, including ultrasound diagnostics. We also carry out a number of small-scale and large-scale surgeries, using especially mini-invasive technologies (laparoscopy).

Also, abortions and mini-abortions belong to the procedures we offer and, in the case of such treatments, we guarantee our clients their complete privacy. We use modern surgical methods which decrease pain, shorten the treatment period and enable us to prevent post-surgical complications.

A selection of treatments carried out on the gynaecology and maternity ward:

  • Endoscopic treatments
  • Abdominal treatments
  • Vaginal treatments
  • Urogynaecological treatments


Gynaecology and maternity ward

Our maternity wards offers expectant mothers premium care in the most important moments of their lives.

We know that each mother has her specific needs and every baby requires unique care provided by a full-scale specialist team. We are prepared for that and at the same time, we fulfil to the maximum our philosophy – we always provide our care with a smile. In this way, we contribute to the family atmosphere, which is an integral part on our wards.


Bonding support

We support bonding, i.e. early establishment of contact between mother and her child, which significantly contributes to creating the right emotional bond and is thus very important for developing their mutual relationship.


… In 2013, 2228 children were born at VAMED MEDITERRA hospitals?


RehabilitationThe wide spectrum of services offered by the Vamed Mediterra group includes a high-end and modern comprehensive rehabilitation care concept focusing on intensive post-injury and post-surgical care.

Comprehensive post-surgical rehabilitation care is provided by the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic.

The rehabilitation care bed ward serves the following people:

  • acute and sub-acute rehabilitation for clients with orthopaedic, traumatologic and neurologic diagnoses
  • clients suffering chronic diseases including issues such as movement apparatus functionality disorder

Comprehensive rehabilitation supervised by an expert team

RehabilitationIn case you undergo an orthopaedic surgery in our facility, we also provide you with full-scale pre-operative preparations and post-surgical care within the rehabilitation clinic by referring you from one bed ward to another in case of need. Comprehensive rehabilitation care is provided by a rehabilitation team consisting of rehabilitation doctors, orthopaedists, neurologists, internists and, in case of need, also doctors specialising in other fields are present. Furthermore, physiotherapists participate in this process, as well as logopaedists, ergotherapists, psychologists, nurses and medical personnel.

The foundation for rehabilitation care consists of personalised physiotherapy and, subsequently, the client or his family members are given instructions. Personalised physiotherapy stems from the modern concept of this branch and uses the principles of modern clinical neurophysiology and developmental kinesiology. The foundation builds upon a functional movement apparatus diagnosis.

During rehabilitation, we offer full-scale care,which is possible thanks to:

  • The wide spectrum of hydrotherapy procedures including a rehabilitation pool and fully equipped premises for electrotherapy
  • The equipment of a newly built fitness-centre
  • A fully equipped gym serving merely for rehabilitation purposes
  • Equipment consisting of appropriate orthopaedics aids

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgeryWithin the Vamed Mediterra Group, there is also a unique robotic surgery facility. It is the Vysocina Region Robotic Surgery Centre, run by the St. Zdislava Hospital in Mostiště. The Vysocina Region Robotic Surgery Centre is a modern surgical facility offering a wide spectrum of mini-invasive surgical treatments with the help of the daVinci robotic system.

The practise of surgeries carried out with the help of the daVinci robotic system dates back to 2007. From this year on until now, our specialists have carried out more than 1 500 robotic surgeries. Thanks to the number of surgeries that have been carried out and that are growing from year to year, the Vysocina Region Robotic Surgery Centre ranges among the top centres in Europe specialising in robotic surgeries.

Robotic surgery advantages:

Robotic surgery

  • Minimised blood loss
  • Careful treatment of tissue and minimal scars Short-term hospitalisation
  • Relatively fast surgeries
  • Careful and preserving effect for male genital functions

The largest group of daVinci system operated patients were men who underwent a radical prostate removal due to a malign tumour. In 2012, there were 247 such surgeries. Reaching this number, we surpassed even the largest urology clinics in the Czech Republic.

The daVinci is helping us in carrying out the following surgeries:


Radical prostatectomy carried out with the robot consists in a complete removal of the prostate affected by a malign tumour. The operation is carried out via several small cuts through the abdominal wall.

  • partial kidney resection
  • Pyeloplasty
  • adrenal gland removal
  • urinary tract reconstruction after injuries


  • Indications for a bariatric surgery (BMI ≥40)
  • Health indications in cases of a BMI ≥35 (heavy diabetes, heavy hypertension, heavy metabolism disorder, cardiovascular diseases)

Robotic surgeryBMI decrease following a stomach tubulation: the diabetes severity decreases, the medications ratios for treating hypertension decrease, the life quality of the operated person improves.

Advantages of a bariatric surgery

  • the surgical treatment lasts less than an hour.
  • the hospital stay lasts only 4-5 days
  • the inability to work period takes only about 2 – 3 weeks

Ambulatory care

We offer a wide spectrum of ambulatory care in our premium medical facility – the Malvazinky Clinic. Here you will receive the care of our best specialists, personalised treatment, tailor-made services without waiting times, a modern and stylish atmosphere and the support of our own clinics.

Ambulatory careThe premium Malvazinky Clinic is a completely new medical institution. The Malvazinky Chateau was built in order to fulfil our clients’ needs. It offers luxurious rooms where the architectural traits of a chateau still emanate everywhere and premium equipment as well as the tailor-made services are available.

In today ́s hectic and speedy times, people very often forget the importance of prevention. Just trust us and find out your level of fitness. Isn ́t it better to find out about a possible problem in time? Thanks to the comprehensive medical examination in our wards, you do not need to worry about your health.

We offer a wide spectrum of ambulatory care on the highest level

  • Internist or a general practitioner
  • Cardiology
  • Angiology
  • Neurology/FBLR
  • Physiotherapy

Our offer includes also the large possibilities to carry out laboratory examinations, including:

  • Hematology – blood picture + diff
  • mineralogram – natrium, calium, chlorides, calcium, phosphor
  • diabetology – glycemy
  • lipides – triacylglycerides, HDL and LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol liver
  • tests – ALT, AST, ALP, GMT, total bilirubin
  • kidneys – creatine, urea, uric acid
  • urine – chemical and microscopic analysis
  • endocrinology – TSH
  • haemoccult – screening

Ambulatory careLet us take care of your health and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of Prague’s historic city centre.

The examination lasts two days but, in extraordinary cases, the whole range may be carried out even within one day. The examination itself, including transfers, refreshments and waiting times takes between seven and eight hours within which you will have the time to take a walk in the centre of town right in Europe ́s heartland and experience Prague yourself.